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The word Ā ā means āyan or a grapheme, an English A with a macron. Ā is used to denote a long A. Below you will be able to learn more about the word in Ancient Hebrew, Yiddish Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and much more.

Letter Meanings

𐤏 (ā) – āeye, to see, experience, watch, heed, know, cover, color
PrefixNot applicable
SuffixNot applicable

Based on the meaning of the letters the word could be defined as:

  • “eye of…”
  • “to see a…”
  • “experience of…”
  • “experience a…”
  • “watch a…”
  • “knowledge of….”
  • “covering of…”

Definitions for 𐤏 / ā

Ābarayat𐤏āehthe sixteenth letter of the Ābaray alap-
EnglishĀ āā/eɪ/a grapheme, an English A with a macron. Ā is used to denote a long A
Yiddishסʕ/ɑ̯/the sixteenth letter of the Yiddish alef-bet
Arabicغʿ/ʿ/the sixteenth letter of the Arabic alif-ba
Aramaicܥ‘ē’/ē/the sixteenth letter of the Aramaic alap-beth
GreekΟ ο
Ω ω
the fifteenth letter of the Greek alpha-beta
the twenty-fourth letter of the Greek alpha-beta

Images for 𐤏 / ā


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