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Categories: Pronouns

The word an meaning where or in or at what place. Below you will be able to learn more about the word in Ancient Hebrew, Yiddish Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and much more.

Letter Meanings

𐤀 (a) – ahOx, strength, leader
(n) – naOffspring, seed, fish, heir, kingdom, continue, perpetuate

Based on the meaning of the letters the word could be interpreted as:

  • “strength of offspring”
  • “strength of kingdom”
  • “leader of kingdom”
  • “strength of heir”
  • “strength to continue”

Definitions for 𐤀𐤍 / an

Ābarayat𐤀𐤍anawnwhere? whither?
any nowhither, now, whithersoever
Englishwherewherewairin or at what place?
Yiddishאָןanawnwhere? whither?
Arabicانanawnto, that
Greekποῦpoupoowhere, in what place.

Definitions for anay (any)

Ābarayat𐤀𐤍𐤉anayaw-nayI, as for me, mine, myself, we, which, who
ships, a fleet, galley, navy of ships
EnglishIIahythe nominative singular pronoun,
used by a speaker in referring to himself or herself.
ships, a fleet
Arabicانا‘anaah-nahI, me, myself, self, I
Aramaicܐܢܐ‘n’I, personal pronoun.
Greekἐγώegóeg-o’I, the first-person pronoun.

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