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The Paleo-Hebrew Dictionary is an educational resource provided by ICRC at WAIE, designed for learning the Paleo-Hebrew language and alphabet. The website is a growing and living resource that provides comparisons with English, Masoretic/Modern Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic/Syriac, and Greek.

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Shem; the eldest son of Nauakh
name, byword, fame, famous, memorial, renown, report, repute.

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Latest Words

See the latest words that we’ve added to the dictionary by looking below at the six words most recently released.

arats [arts]

earth, land, field

baraa [bra]

choose, shape, create
"with sight"
tauarat - torah

tauarat [turt]

direction, instruction, law
Alayashaā - deliverance

alayashaā [alyshā]

God is Deliverance
Godly blindness
Shabat - rest

shabat [shbt]

rest, cessation, relaxation
Saturn, Cronus, Geb, Hamurnu, Jabru, Perun/Rod/Sud, Toutatis, Ahura Mazda, Consus, Odin
Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest in the Solar System, after Jupiter.
Yaāqab - Jacob _ Yasharaal - Israel

yasharaal [yshral]

Israel; “Righteous of Al” “Yah strives”, another name for Yaāqab.

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