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The Paleo-Hebrew Dictionary is an educational resource provided by ICRC at WAIE, designed for learning the Paleo-Hebrew language and alphabet. The website is a growing and living resource that provides comparisons with English, Masoretic/Modern Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic/Syriac, and Greek.

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Tent door, pathway
Prefix: of, who, which, that, what

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Yahayashayaā - Yahauashauaā - The Messiah

ahayashayaā [Ahyshyā]

“I who creates is salvation”
the first-person proper name of the Messiah.
Yahayashayaā - Yahauashauaā - The Messiah

yahauashauaā [Yhushuā]

“He who creates life and great wealth”
the third-person speculated name of the Messiah.
Yahayashayaā - Yahauashauaā - The Messiah

yahayashayaā [Yhyshyā]

“He who creates is salvation”
the third-person proper name of the Messiah.
al ālayauan - God of Aliens

al ālayauan [al ālyun]

God Most High or God of Alien
ālayauan - ālayayan - Uppermost

ālayauan [ālyun]

high, upper, Most high, Uppermost, Highest One
ad - mist (1)


a mist, vapor

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