Abat - Waterskins

abat [abt]


water-skins. a place in Adauam. Characters: 𐀀𐀁𐀕 Pronunciation: aw-bat

abats - ebez

abats [abts]


a city in Yashashakar. zinc, high voltage Characters: 𐀀𐀁𐀑 Pronunciation: aw-bats

adan - eden - paradise - pedestal

ādan [ādn]

Divine, Earth, Locations

luxury, delight, pleasure. The garden home of Adam and Eve. Characters: 𐀏𐀃𐀍 Pronunciation: eh-dan

adan - pedestal

adan [adn]

Divine, Earth, Locations

A base, pedestal, foundation, socket. lord, husband, master, owner, Characters: 𐀀𐀃𐀍 Pronunciation: aw-dan

Apasauas - Ephesus

Apasauas [apsus]


Ephesus, A coastal city, capital of the Roman province Asia. Characters: π€€π€π€Žπ€…π€Ž Pronunciation: aw-fasa-oos

2021_Map of Chauayalah

Chauayalah [chuylh]

People, Locations

Havilah or Philippines (potentially). Circle, Bringing Forth, Languishing Village. Characters: 𐀇𐀅𐀉𐀋𐀄 Pronunciation: kha-oo-ya-law

Galathayah - Galatia

Galathayah [glthyh]

Nations, Locations

Galatia or Gaul, A large Roman province in central Asia Minor, comprising multiple districts. Characters: π€‚π€‹π€ˆπ€‰π€„ Pronunciation: ga-la-tha-yaw