What changes are happening to the Paleo-Hebrew Dictionary?

I want to first thank everyone who has taken interest in the Paleo-Hebrew Dictionary and are seekers of knowledge and truth. The team that supported the Paleo-Hebrew Dictionary work went from a team of three to one in the last year and a half. Thus, some changes are being made to the way I share information about the Paleo-Hebrew language. Please, continue reading this community post to know what to expect.

Website: paleohebrewdictionary.org and abryt.org

The domain paleohebrewdictionary.org is still available and works. The domain abryt.org is no longer in use and is being replaced with phdict.org for the shortened URL.

The main Paleo-Hebrew Dictionary website is being modified to strictly be a dictionary that provides definition and pronunciation of words in Paleo-Hebrew. You will be able to find the words in Paleo-Hebrew, English, and Masoretic Hebrew. The history of each word, additional context, and scriptures will no longer be hosted on the main website and will instead be moved to our Ream community.

This allows me to reduce the bandwidth being used on the main website while continuing to keep the resource free. Also, this will make it easier to add more words quicker for you to access. You can see an example of the new page layout below.

What is the Ream community?

Ream is a resource for authors to help their community gain access to their materials. I will begin adding content to the Ream community (phdict.org/ream) by April 1, 2024, There are four ways you can engage with the new Paleo-Hebrew Dictionary community.

What about the Paleo-Hebrew social media accounts?

As of right now, I do not have the capacity to update the Paleo-Hebrew social media accounts so those will remain on hiatus until the paleohebrewdictionary.org website has all the words added and I have added at least a quarter of the extended resources on Ream.

What about the paleohebrew.store and word translations?

The Paleo Hebrew Store domain is still active and for the time being is on hiatus and will not take orders until further notice.

Translations of your name may be requested within the first three months of you becoming a follower on Ream. Free subscribers will have access to the Book of names for free, which provides all names that have been translated and their meanings.

Also, paid subscribers may submit a translation request once every other week. The translation will be completed within a forty eight hour to two week period. Translation requests cannot exceed 20 words.

Are you looking for help with adding the words?

At this time, Yah has called for me to work on this individually so it can be completed how He wants it to be completed. If you want to support then share the paleohebrewdictionary.org and phdict.org website links with people to help spread the knowledge.